Become a Basketball Pure Shooter (video)

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Vertical Jump Affiliate program

ANGEL INVESTORS WANTED – 76 year old, Don Siedenburg, one of the “World’s Best Basketball Pure Shooters” according to google and youtube video rankings, is seeking twenty (20) Angel Investors with $1000.00 each to produce a “For Profit ” state of the art Basketball Pure Shooting Training Website. The website will be selling a training download of shooting instructions for a $10.00 payment to PayPal. Profits will be divided on a 50-50 basis and payable quarterly after the website is up and running. All receipts will come through PayPal. Angel Investors that may be interested please contact: Don Siedenburg 11105 N. Applegate Rd., Grants Pass, OR 97527. Tele: 1-541-660-5221 – E-Mail – -


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